Requesting a Game Change


                                   How to Request a Game Change PRIOR to the Final Schedule being posted


                                     ♦ Coaches MUST first contact the opposing teams Coach to agree on a new date and time. 

                                                        Each team may reschedule up to three (3) games, if necessary.

                                     ♦ Contact the League Scheduler, Kris Cole at

                                                        Please use the GAME # in the subject line of the email request.

                                                        Include the new date, time and location with your request.

                                     ♦ Please, always start a new email using the game number in the subject line.

                                     ♦ The scheduler will get approval for the game change with the Referee Assignor. 

                                                       Your new date and time is based on availability of the referee.

                                     ♦ If approved by the referee assignor, the change will be made on the schedule

                                                       and you will receive a confirmation email. 

                                     ♦ A confirmation email is sent automatically to everyone listed on the team application.