Game Day Procedures

                                     NNYYSL GAME DAY PROCEDURES


Referee Fees:         


   Center / AR / AR


$47 / $29 / $29


$57 / $37 / $37


$67 / $39 / $39


$74 / $42 / $42



The home team is responsible to pay the referee fees prior to the beginning of the game, unless the game is cancelled prior to the start of the game for weather or unplayable field conditions.  Only the referee, League President or sponsoring home field official can cancel a game because the field is unplayable.  Only the referee can cancel or suspend a game due to the weather conditions.  The referee is responsible for filing a game report explaining the situation.


Game Duration:   


 (2) 30 min. halves


 (2) 35 min. halves


 (2) 40 min. halves


 (2) 45 min. halves




  • The home team must have goals and regulation corner flags installed on the field ten (10) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.
  • The goals must be anchored.
  • The home team must provide the game ball subject to the referee’s approval and must have at least two (2) spare balls suitable for game use.


  • The home and visiting teams must each provide the referee with one (1) linesman.  The teams shall notify the referee who these individuals are prior to his equipment check.
  • No linesmen are needed where there are three (3) referees.

Game Scores:

  • The referee will call in the game score.

Rosters and Player Passes:

     1. The home and visiting teams shall provide the NYSW player passes as proof of insurance and player identification for roster verification.                     .

  • A team failing to provide player passes shall forfeit the game and the game will be played as a friendly.
  • Players must present to the referee a valid player pass before they will be allowed to play.  Under no circumstances is a player eligible to play without having a valid player pass.
  • Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers shall have proper passes to identify themselves.  They must be listed on the certified roster in order to be on the player side of the field.  In an emergency, a 24 hours’ notice must be given to the League President before an alternate coach is used.


  1. The home and visiting teams shall provide the officials with three (3) original certified or copies of the original certified roster.
  • One copy shall be used by the referee for player verification.
  • One copy shall be given to the opposing team coach.
  • One copy shall be kept by the home team coach.
  • If a team fails to provide an original certified roster (or copy of) to both the referee and the opposing teams coach, the game will be played as a friendly and the score recorded as a 3-0 win for the team that submitted its rosters.


  1. Each coach shall be responsible to collect the NYSW certified player passes from the referee at the end of the game.

      Red Cards:

  • The referee will keep the passes of any player/coach given a Red Card
  • ALL Red Cards given to a player/coach will be sent by the center official within 24 hours to the NNYYSL League President, Scott Baughn.  The Card will be held for the appropriate suspension. The player/coach must contact the League President and arrange to pick up the card.  A player cannot receive his/her card via the mail.  The card must be obtained in person by contacting our League President at (315) 777-7687.


      4.  If the assigned referee fails to appear for a scheduled League game the game may be rescheduled by the League at no additional cost to either team, or:

  • If both coaches agree, another suitable referee may be selected, if in attendance, for the purpose of covering the game.


 Game Cancellations: (due to weather or field conditions)

  • Only the referee, The League President or the home field sponsor may cancel or suspend a game because of unplayable field conditions.  Both teams must be ready to play.
  • Only the referee may cancel or suspend a game because of the weather conditions.
  • The Northern New York Youth Soccer League will abide by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association procedures regarding the HEAT INDEX.  NYSPHSAA Heat Index Procedures.
  • Any game that is not played in its entirety will be reported to the Referee Assignor who will communicate with the League Scheduler.
  • A weather canceled game must be rescheduled by the coaches within one week.
  • If no date is selected, the League Scheduler will reschedule the game.

Referee Payment for weather or field cancellations: 

  • If the game is halted prior to halftime, the game will be rescheduled and restarted at the exact point the initial game was halted with the same score.  The home team will pay ½ the referee fee for the rescheduled game.  
  • If halted at halftime or after, the game will count as a completed game.

 Game Changes:

  • Once the preliminary game schedules are released (on or about May 1st), coaches will have a ten (10) day period to request a schedule change for up to three (3) games. 
  • Please see: Requesting a game change.
  • No game change requests after the FINAL schedules are posted

Game Forfeits:

  • The forfeiting team’s coach must first notify the opposing coach of any game forfeit.  Coach’s contact information is provided on the on-line game schedules.
  • The forfeiting team’s coach must also notify the Referee Assignor at (315) 783-5455. If the assignor is not reached, contact the League Scheduler at (315) 771-4167.
  • The team that forfeits (within 3 days of game time), pays the full referee fee.
  • Payments must be mailed directly to the assigned referee’s.
  • If forfeited more than 3 days in advance of game time, NO fees will be charged.