About the Academy

The Goal and Philosophy of the Northern NY Academy:
The Academy program is designed to bring together committed regional players from a four county area to provide additional training at the highest level. These four counties include Northern Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties. The goal of the Academy is to better prepare players to compete at the next level while representing the Northern New York Youth Soccer League.  This program is offered and supported by the Northern NY Youth Soccer League. Our overall mission is to provide training to players who's high school or club teams don't provide formal training sessions between their competing seasons.  It's a well trained soccer player that can be integrated into the next level of play (advanced club, high school or college level).


The USSF experts believe as an individual develops technically so to will their tactical awareness and their overall soccer IQ.  Training and development is the focus of the Academy program.  Our goal is for players to develop technically, cognitively and tactically.  We use a progression process that starts with a technical emphasis for the younger ages and progresses through tactical development for the older age groups. 


The Academy Program is a four month training and development program that runs from December through March.  Offering twenty one (21) technical sessions, held on Sunday's and Wednesday's.  All training will be held at the Indian River Middle School in Philadelphia, NY.  The fee for the program is PAY AS YOU GO.  Each session you attend is a $10 fee.  We collect a $65 non-refundable deposit of which $40 is applied to your last four (4) training sessions in March.  The cost for a player training shirt is $10.00.

Working Together with the NNYYSL Clubs Teams:
The Academy program is NOT designed to take players away from the NNYYSL Club Teams or high school teams.  Academy teams will NOT compete in the NNYYSL.  The Academy program is designed to provide additional training to players, complementing their club training. Academy participants should and are encouraged to play for their local club teams.  This is your (NNYYSL CLUB TEAMS) program.  Our hope is to provide quality, competitive training which enables participants to return to their clubs as stronger players, contributing to the team a higher level of soccer that may be shared with fellow players.

Training Staff:
Academy Staff will include: United States Soccer Federation licensed Coaches (USSF), College Coaches and Former Collegiate Players.

Training Sessions: (4 months, December-March):
Academy Staff Goals include the following:

  1. High level training sessions.
  2. Training a minimum of once a week (Sundays).
  3. Improving each player’s individual skill on the ball.
  4. Introducing tactical awareness of the game.
  5. Encouraging a competitive training environment.
  6. Ensuring the presence of dedicated individuals at the training.
  7. Involve players and families who are committed to all training sessions.
  8. Enrolling individuals with outstanding team ethics and attitudes.