Requesting a Game Change

How to Request a Game Change PRIOR to the Final Schedule being posted


  • Coaches MUST first contact the opposing teams Coach to agree on a new date and time. 
    • Each team may reschedule up to three (3) games, if necessary.
  • Contact the League Scheduler, Kris Cole at
    • Please use the GAME # in the subject line of the email request.
    • Include the new date, time and location with your request.
    • Please, always start a new email using the game number in the subject line.
  • The scheduler will get approval for the game change with the Referee Assignor. 
    • Your new date and time is based on availability of the referee.
    • If approved by the referee assignor, the change will be made on the schedule and you will receive a confirmation email. 
  • A confirmation email is sent automatically to everyone listed on the team application.
Risk Management

Risk Management – No need to wait, avoid the rush and have your Coaches get started on completing their risk management process for the summer season.  All adults, coaches, managers and referee’s need to get a pass.  If you are a new registrar or unsure of the process, please visit:

NYSWYSA - RosterPro and the Risk Management Process